Gwyllion is a non-profit, bi-annual genre fiction literary magazine which focuses on publishing science fiction, fantasy and horror from Wales. We publish two online issues a year as well as a limited run of physical copies.


Laurie Raye

Laurie Raye is a non-binary anthropologist, storyteller and ice skating witch from Wales. You probably know them from their pride space flags. They were an editor and occasional writer for Libcom.org and their writing has been published in various places, including the Lumin Journal. They are a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society.

Myla Corvidae

Myla is a self-taught digital artist from Wales. They draw inspiration from the natural world and encompass hidden stories of LGBTQ+ lives in their work. In their spare time they design and write game content for Corvidae Games, are the co-director of Queer Heritage Forum and perform with The Pandora Men. You can find them over on Instagram.

Kevin Davies
Consulting Editor

Kevin Davies is the Editor-in-Chief at Deadstar Publishing, a Welsh publisher established in 2010, and is lending his experience to Gwyllion as a means of giving back to the writing community.