Issue 8 out now!

Gwyllion can be many things. The ghosts and spirits that haunt the halls at twilight, the dusk wanderers up to no good. The scoundrels and the miscreants. The wise old fae who take no nonsense from humans. Hags and witches, wisps and sprites, the gwyllion are every malevolent trickster that wanders the night in search of mischief.

They are not your friends.

Any who are so unfortunate to encounter the gwyllion are led astray, haunted, frightened quite to death. Cackling laughter and strange cries across the moor, voices hidden in the storm.

Our magazine is a place you can get lost, if only for a moment, only to emerge to find a hundred years have passed. Our stories will enchant you, if you would let yourself be enchanted. We cannot promise you comfort, we cannot promise you safety. Only this; an experience, an adventure, a moment set apart from the mundane hum to find glory in the dark and hidden spaces in between.

We will not be held responsible if you lose your way.